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This is my latest column on Guitar Interactive. In this issue I have decided to share a short piece dedicated to the almighty guitar legend Paco De Lucia. His music and virtuosity inspired me and any of my esteemed colleagues worldwide over the years and will, no doubt, continue to do so for generations to come. I vividly remember listening to his duets with John McLaughlin and the guitar Trio, firstly with Larry Coryell, who sadly passed away early this year and then with Al Di Meola. Paco's seminal recordings and live concerts worldwide have blown away millions of music lovers. The piece presented in issue 52 doesn't entirely reflect the complexities of Paco's music, but it contains a few manageable technical devices and harmonic nuances I have 'borrowed' from the 'Maestro', with the hope that this will stimulate the appetite for fingerstyle compositions to the Guitar Interactive community. Adios, Giorgio Serci

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