Welcome to this page, which aims to give some information about remote Lessons.
I really enjoy giving Skype lessons, as they allows more flexibility to both parties.
(NB. I also use Zoom and Google Hangout, which work very well too)
All you need is a computer or tablet, or even your phone with a decent internet connection.
I am a Senior Lecturer at ACM, and visiting professor at Guildhall School Of Music and Drama and Royal Holloway University and have the honour of teaching students from all over the world. I am proud to work as a regular columnist for Guitar Interactive Magazine and contributed to the amazing Lick Library, with many video lessons.
Check this link for his videos for Lick Library:
I have recently been commissioned to arrange the new Rockshool Acoustic Guitar Syllabus as well as the new Ukulele one. I have arranged and recorded some great pieces, which I would be happy to help you learning and preparing for the exam grades. 
Check here a video on this work for Rockshool: 
After the first lesson, I can generate bespoke action plan or/and course, with handouts and transcriptions (notation and TAB, if needed), as well as screenshots and share for supporting material.
The payment can be made with Paypal or BACS, and can be per lesson, or a package of two or more bespoke lessons.
Thank you for now and I hope to be able to help you developing in your chosen music pathway soon.
All the very best,
Guitar technique/genre: (Classical, Acoustic & Electric guitar - Jazz, (solo, to Big Band), Brazilian, Contemporary, Rock, Blues,  etc)
Improvising over changes: (On any jazz standard, phrasing, motivic development, tone, vibrato etc)
Comping: (fingerstyle, plectrum, any style)
Specific voicings techniques: Triadic, quartal, secundal harmony, drop voicings etc)
Re-harmonisation techniques: (diatonic, chromatic harmony, classical and jazz)
Music theory: (Beginner to Master's level - Level 7)
Sight-reading: (Beginner to Master's level - Level 7)
For any instrument including guitar, piano, strings, horns, orchestral arrangements etc.
(NB. Possibility to sit-in with Giorgio in large ensembles such as 'Bansangu Orchestra', which Giorgio has co-funded with saxophonist Paul Booth and 'Keld String Ensemble'.
Production of Master scores and professional parts ready for publishing.
Scoring, transcriptions, production and MD'ing for live and studio recording available.
Sibelius, Logic Pro, pencil and manuscript (on demand)
“ Giorgio is truly an inspirational teacher, listens to what you want to achieve from your guitar playing 

and provides plenty of content to help you reach your goal”

Domenic Papa (Skype Lesson - Australia)

"I have had the pleasure of being taught by Giorgio Serci during my two-year course at ACM. It is hard to emphasise the positive impact Giorgio has had on my theoretical knowledge, as well as my arrangement skills. As well as being a very technically skilled Guitarist he has a vast amount of knowledge and versatility that is unparalleled by other tutors at ACM. Conscientious and committed to his students, Giorgio is always very happy to share his knowledge with anyone who needs it. Being so dedicated to his students and his passion for music makes Giorgio a truly inspiring lecturer and musician, who is clearly driven by his student's success".


Liam Night (July 2017, UK)

"Giorgio is an absolutely world-class guitarist, musician, composer and educator. Whatever area you are interested in exploring on the guitar, whether it be advanced rock/metal techniques, jazz fusion improvisation or classical and/or latin fingerstyle playing, Giorgio is a master of all trades. Giorgio is also a master composer and arranger and can teach you anything you need to know about composing for all instruments even beyond the guitar. I have studied with Giorgio for two years and my knowledge and ability in that time have increased immensely. Giorgio has an extremely friendly and patient approach to teaching; I highly recommend him."

Glauco Vallarino (January 2020)

"Giorgio is a great musician and a teacher. He is an excellent communicator and his musical knowledge has helped to achieve my set goals.

I really enjoy the Skype lessons to learn comfortably in my house and record the lessons.

I would recommend Giorgio if you want to learn guitar in person or via Skype 👍"

Miguel Luque Muller (February 2020, UK, Spain)


Hi Giorgio,

I hope that you're well; I wanted to send you an email to formally thank you for your help and generosity last trimester. Being a student that failed my theory exams in the first year, I'm so grateful and proud to have achieved a first of 80% last term!
Thank you for all your extra help and I wish I were in your theory classes to start off with as you make it understandable and interesting. Thanks again,


Holly Harrison (May 2017)


"Everyone loves Giorgio! His lessons are informative as well as interesting and entertaining (partly because of all the amazing dad jokes!). He is clearly a master of music in many aspects- from guitar knowledge, to guitar playing, to composing/ arranging, theory and many more areas I'm sure he has hidden talents in. I personally received a very helpful tutorial in terms of the business side of becoming a composer/ arranger and any questions students ask him, he has the answer straight away due to his exceptional amount of experience in music and love for music. It's been amazing to have been taught by such a knowledgeable teacher but also such a cool guy".


James Felton (May 2017)

"The structure worked well. Having ‘bite sized’ topics: Strings, Horns, 4-Way Close etc., gave enough time to absorb the key information and for you to demonstrate examples in real time, for discussion and to handle questions. Having the accompanying hand-outs provided in advance was useful. Typically, I’d read before the lecture, then use them for reference, adding my own notes, during the lecture itself.  I have retained these (hard copy - I’m old school!) in folder and I’m sure I’ll refer to them again in the future. I liked having ‘homework’ assignments.  I completed almost all of them and found that, unsurprisingly, my ability improved markedly through the term. As always, the material was delivered in an engaging and entertaining fashion. The impressive results are testament to the module's effectiveness".      

Graham Parslow (May 2017)

A few notable students, to name but a few:

Newton Faulkner - (Internationally acclaimed solo artist)

Ben King - (Yardbirds)

Jon Bishop - (Lecturer at ACM & columnist for Guitar Techniques)

Tom Williams PhD - (Assistant lecturer at Surrey University)

Pete Roth - (Jazz guitarist Lecturer)

Nat Martin - (Jazz guitarist Lecturer)

Nick Tsang - (Ed Sheeran)

Richard Shaw - (Cradle of Filth, Lecturer ACM)

Joe Yoshida - (Freelance drummer, Lecturer)

Adam Martin - (Take That, Jersey Boys...)

Giovanni Pallotti - ( Billy Cobham, Marco Meniconi, Jeff Beck)

Carmen Vanderberg - (Jeff Beck, Kate Nash, Bone...)

Linda Buratto - (Kate Nash)
Luigi Casanova - (Joanne Shawn Taylor) 
Nelson Pari - (MMus Performance - Trinity College) 
Enrico Sisinni - (Lost In Venice)
Listen to Giorgio playing his arrangement of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
 'Cavatina' by Stanley Myers 
'Yesterday' by The Beatles arranged by G.S.