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Tertúlia (CD) - by Pedro Velasco & Giorgio Serci

Researching the wonderfully rich Fado repertoire, choosing, transcribing and arranging the pieces for Tertúlia has been a work of love and of constant discovery. We have chosen both traditional and contemporary songs, and have also included four original compositions, which have a deep musical and personal connection.

Together we sit and converse in music. These painfully beautiful melodies sing out on the guitarra Portuguesa, accompanied by the classical guitar’s counterpunctual bass lines and idiosyncratic harmonies. It’s this conversational quality that inspired the title, Tertúlia.

We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the deep dynamic and tonal possibilities of all the music on the album with our combined 16 strings, gifted to us by our partners in crime, our guitarras. We hope you enjoy it.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Freeze Productions on the 23rd October 2021 in London, UK.

Tracks 12 to 15 feature the countertenor João Paulo Ferreira and were recorded remotely in November 2020 during lockdown.


Album design by Pedro Velasco

Photograph by Gabriella Cocco


£10 per physical copy plus £2.99 for P&P 

Tertúlia (CD) - by Pedro Velasco & Giorgio Serci

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